LED Light Track System

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These permanent hidden led track light system out of site from street view like this could be on your house.  These are a permanent LED system that can be controlled through an app on your phone or remote with countless patterns and designs And not just for Christmas but birthday parties, Halloween, 4th of July, iridescent lighting and other countless uses even for your favorite sport team colors on game day!  The opportunities are endless and never stress about putting up those annoying tangled Christmas fiasco lights again...haha. Most houses are a one day install.

Hidden Track System

Cosmic Effects

100 differnt color combinations

You’ve seen traditional holiday lights before and they are a lot of work! When you make the switch to Cosmic Effects Lights, everything is perfect. Seriously! With our technology and installation kit complete with remote... The future begins now! This innovative technology is installed to your roof line on a track, which keeps lights and cords hidden, but allows the magnificent LED lights to shine through.